Do I Need a Launch Team?


By Tammy Karasek


Every writer, no matter if they choose to independently publish or go the traditional publishing route will come to the same point during the process. Now that my book is finished, how do I let people know it’s available?

Too often I hear people say they think it must be hard for self-published people to get the word out about their book, and that it’s so easy for traditional published authors because they sit back and let the publisher handle it all.

To both comments, I say: Nope.

Since 2012, I’ve been on, helped with, or managed close to 290 launch teams. I’ve been part of three styles of publishing—self-published, hybrid published, and the traditional published book. I can tell you, no matter the type of publishing you choose for your book, the majority of the marketing and launching will fall on the shoulders of the author. You can’t fight it, so don’t waste the effort.

Instead, know it’s coming and prepare yourself for it. One marketing piece you’ll need to know about is a launch session and team. Whether you’d like to learn something about the method of how to launch your book or what to expect if you hire a professional to do the launch for you, guess what? You’ll still need to know a few items to do for yourself. Or at least be aware of to ask the launch manager you interview to hire if they do this particular item or not.

Here's seven tips to get you started:

  1. No matter how you will publish your book, you’ll need a launch session/team.
  2. You need to work with a launch team six to eight weeks from the launch date, but no less than six for an effective launch.
  3. Decide ahead of time if you will do any incentives for the team so there is ample time to order, create, or have them ready to use once a winner is chosen.
  4. Interact with your Launch Team throughout the session, but not by asking them to do a task every single day of the launch session. Not too much and not too little either.
  5. As of this posting, Facebook Groups are still a viable place to interact with a Launch Team.
  6. As soon as you have a book cover, create your graphics and schedule them into your Launch Team Facebook Group so they are ready to go.
  7. Join AND PARTICIPATE in a launch team to get a feel for the activity load. In other words, as a team member, were you asked to do something too often, or was there much work involved at all? Middle ground is the key.

Bottom line, have fun during your own launch, and your team will pick up that enthusiasm and run with it.

While I’m known as The Launch Team Geek and run my own launch team management business, I’m aware that I can’t possibly manage all of the teams I receive requests from. But I’m a sharer at heart and decided to write a book that gives you my process of how I run launch teams for my clients. The book is Launch that Book and is now available on Amazon.

If you’re a writer, know a writer, or need a writerly gift for a friend, this small book is packed with a lot of information to help anyone independent to traditionally published launch their book. 

Happy book launching!



Tammy Karasek uses humor and wit to bring joy and hope to every aspect in life. Her past, filled with bullying and criticism from family, drives her passion to encourage and inspire others and show them The Reason to smile. She’s gone from down and defeated to living a “Tickled Pink” life as she believes there’s always a giggle wanting to come out!

A writer of romantic suspense—with a splash of sass—her debut book, Launch That Book, released in 2023. She’s published in a Divine Moments Compilation Book—Cool-inary Moments. She’s also a writing team member for The Write Conversation Blog, Novel Academy, Blue Ridge Conference Blog, The Write Editing, and more.

Known as The Launch Team Geek, Tammy helps authors launch their books. You’ll also find her as a Virtual Assistant for several best-selling authors, the Social Media Manager for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Founding President and current Vice-President of ACFW Upstate SC, and Founding President of Word Weavers Upstate SC. Connect with Tammy at



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