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A Question Frequently Asked

  By Linda Glaz   How can I build platform before my book is even published? I am so glad you asked. First, let’s look at why publishers want you to have a strong platform. They need to know: You can help market yourself. You know your topic and are qualified to write about it. You're able to go a level above other authors writing in the same genre or on the same topic.   So how can you achieve all of this success? Let’s look at a historic author who is not published but wants to connect with potential readers. She can blog, write a newsletter, or use You Tube/Podcast consistently on topics that relate to the era she’s writing in. Let’s say once a month she blogs or sends out videos on clothing of that period. She might have samples or, if a seamstress, might show how to construct those clothing pieces. Another time she might talk about recipes from that era. Or books about that era. Maybe share some research from the era. So many opportunities to share. Then, when

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