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Writer, Choose the Right Voice

  By Martin Wiles   Voices are as different as the people who use them. But it’s not all about the audible. Chances are, we’ve never heard the voices of many authors we read—especially if we love the classics. But not all my favorite authors are dead. I have an author friend who lives in Canada. We have corresponded by email numerous times, but I have never heard her voice. Yet I know her devotion before I see her name. She has a distinct writing voice. Every writer has a unique voice. As a nonfiction freelance editor, I frequently find myself correcting the use of voice. Voice and tense are not interchangeable. Tense refers to the time of the action. The English language has three primary tenses: past, present, and future. Although many variations of these three tenses exist, depending on how many actions are occurring, things can only happen in one of those three time periods. Voice, on the other hand, relates to who or what performs the action in the sentence. When the s

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