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Write By Hand, Again!

  Write By Hand, Again!   By Tammy Karasek   I love handwriting letters and cards. I’ve enjoyed doing so for as long as I can remember. I watched my mom and grandmother faithfully write letters and cards, and it’s a habit I acquired as well.   Were you one for pen pals when you were younger? My first pen pal when I was ten years old was a girl from New York I met through a youth magazine. I lived in NE Ohio and was excited to have a friend in New York. In the back of the magazine a page listed girls seeking pen pals. Your name and address would appear there and you chose whom you wrote to. Yes, showing my age on this one. Today we can no longer put a young girl’s name and address in a magazine.   Through the years I’ve continued writing to friends and family. I send cards for birthdays or a note when someone comes to mind. I expect nothing in return. I feel I’m called to write. It’s like a natural way to flex my writing muscles.   I’m not the only one who sees the

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