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Be a Well-Equipped Writer by Cultivating These 10 Traits

  By Edie Melson   When each of us chooses to label ourselves as a writer, we are embarking on a journey that’s not for the faint of heart. To find joy—and yes, even a little success—we need to make sure we’re well-equipped for what lies before us.    I know many writers, and I have to confess I’m thinking of them specifically as I write this. Yes, these are things I’ve tried to cultivate in my writing life—but they’re also things I SEE in their lives.   You are an inspiration to me, to each other, and to those around you.   So today I’m sharing what I’ve learned—and what I know will make your journey easier. Developing these characteristics will help you find more joy as you climb to the places God has for you.    10 Traits of Well-equipped Writers   1. You know who’s really in charge.   Those of us who are believers who write must remind ourselves that while we can make plans, it is God who directs our paths. So often through the years, what I’ve thought was a

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