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Avoid the Comparison Trap

  By Andrea Merrell Comparison . A road that leads straight to frustration, discouragement, jealousy, and even anger. A trap. “I’ve been writing for twenty years and can’t get published. She’s been writing for three and already has two books in print.” “He has over a hundred reviews on Amazon. I only have ten. What gives?” “Why did she get chosen over me to teach that class? I have more experience and know more about that subject.” “My writing is as good as his. Maybe better.” “Why did she win the contest instead of me?” “Why are those people always in the spotlight? It’s not fair.” Believe it or not, I’ve heard all these comments over the years. Unfortunately, it’s part of our human nature to compare ourselves with others, but it leads to nothing but trouble. One writer says comparison is not only unwise and unfair, it creates negativity—not only in us but in the people around us. The truth is no matter what we do in life, there will always be someone smarter, faster

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