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Put Your Best Foot Forward

  By Cindy K. Sproles   It’s your last chance. Have you crossed all the T s and dotted all the I s? Hitting the send button on a manuscript is both a relief and a frightening experience. Every word must be right. Every comma is placed perfectly. All the spelling is correct. Unfortunately, this seems to the be step writers trip over by either physical or mental exhaustion. You’ve worked hard on that manuscript. Read it a minimum of twenty times and passed it through your critique partners. What could be wrong? Well, it’s the little things. Below, you will see the most common mistakes to search out before you hit the send button. Is Your name is on the work? – You’d be surprised at the manuscripts editors receive without this valuable information. Name, email address, phone number – vital information. Is the publisher, agent, or editor’s name spelled correctly? – Just a personal note here: My last name is spelled S-P-R-O-L-E-S. Not Sprawles or Sprolez, or worse, Spritz.

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