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Writers Must Know the Difference Between an Em Dash, an En Dash, & a Hyphen

  By Edie Melson   WARNING! Grammar nerd content ahead.    Today I'm sharing the answer to one of my personal pet peeves—the incorrect use of punctuation. But instead of a rant, I'm going to equip you to do this correctly.   I run into this issue with writers all the time—even with experienced writers. So today I’m going to give you the grammar short course and you’ll be an expert on the differences and know the best choice for every writing situation.    You may ask why it matters, but the fact is we want to be accurate when we communicate through the written word. And each of these punctuation marks carries a different meaning.    What’s the Difference?   1. A Hyphen   (incorrectly referred to as a dash)   This is the shortest of the three. A hyphen is used between words or parts of words. This isn’t interchangeable with the other two types of dashes. The following are several times when a hyphen is used, but it’s not an all-inclusive list.   

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