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How Do I Find Time to Write?

  By Linda S. Glaz I’m often asked how I make time to write being an agent and working with other folks’ material all day long? I’m glad you asked. For starters, ideas rise like yeast in my head every second of every day. No unleavened concepts here. And eventually, I simply have to give in and offer over my time or my head will burst. But how? I work fifty hours or so a week already. Some weeks, more. With only twenty-four hours in the day, how is it possible to squeeze in the time to write?   Okay, it’s the Glaz method. Just mine. Just for me. Not for anyone else. We all have to find our own way to productivity.   Let’s start: I take a weekend with not much else happening (rare, but they do occur). I sit down (first step is always the hardest) and start writing an overall summary of the story. A good deal gets mapped out during this high-intensity weekend. During that next week, I take an hour or two in the evening to write after I finish my clients’ work. Then, the follow

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