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Keeping It Straight

  By Henry McLaughlin One of the greatest challenges writers face is keeping our story material straight and organized. This whacked me upside the head when I started working on my latest project. The book is the fourth book in my Riverbend Saga series. Why am I writing a fourth installment you might ask. I wondered that myself. The third book was released four years ago, and I thought I was finished. The storylines were all wrapped up and, without giving a spoiler alert, I thought all the characters were settled. Let this be a lesson to you all—be careful when you create strong-willed characters. They are fantastic in the story. They move it forward as they pursue their goals. Tension and suspense mount because as the reader, you’re caught up in the adventure with them. It’s all great. But I discovered a downside. These wonderful characters can turn into nags. And I mean that in the kindest way possible. One of my strongest and most popular characters in the Riverbend books

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