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7 Things Your Target Audience Needs to Hear

  By DiAnn Mills   Our target audience is why we spend hours laboring over our manuscripts. We listen to them and visit their social media platforms. We zone in on their needs and do our best to provide aid and answers through face-to-face events and social media.   ·       Those special readers buy our books and more! ·       Share our books with their friends. ·       Spread the word on social media. ·       Write incredible reviews. ·       Invite us to book club gatherings. ·       Send us emails and notes of encouragement. ·       Take time to attend speaking and book events. ·       And many we will never meet nor grasp all they do for us.   Our target audience is a priority, and they deserve to be elevated to show their importance.   The following 7 items will help writers reach out to their audience and cultivate valuable relationships. Every item is what the writer will do for their audience . . . not the other way around.   Dear reader, my g

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