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Look Around the Room: Those Are Your Supporters

  By Blythe Daniel     As a literary agent, I’ve seen a lot of book launches. And as an author, I’ve launched a few books myself. What I’ve noticed is that the people you are in a writing community with are the most likely to support you through the entire book publishing process. When you are in a writers group, attend a conference, or are part of an online writers group (yes, Zoom counts!), you are part of a community that acts like a family supporting each other’s work. The friendship goes deeper than just friends gathering—you are supporting one another’s dreams. With so many different options for writers these days, there are easy ways for writers to connect to gain comraderies, sounding boards, and another pair of eyes on your writing. Writers conferences give you the opportunity to get feedback on your book idea. A critique group allows you to get feedback from readers who will share with you areas you can polish or revise as you work to complete your writing. Online gr

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