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Writer, What Does God Want You To Do?

By Andrea Merrell In my last post, we talked about not stifling our creativity by thinking we must find our niche and stay in our lane. We looked at the endless possibilities of branching out and writing whatever God gives us and pursing what we are passionate about. A dear lady said to me recently, “I don’t really know what God wants me to do.” Maybe that’s a universal problem. If so, let’s address it and look at what it means for us as writers. Exactly what does God want us to do? And how does He tell us? In dreams? Visions? Through other people? Does He guide us through His Word? Or simply drop an idea into our heart? I believe it can be all of the above. One writer says that even when God gives a specific dream or vision, we sometimes have to go against the flow and break out of the proverbial box. We have to give ourselves permission to be obedient no matter what others might think or say. Paul certainly went against the flow. But he knew his calling and said, “I was not disobedi

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