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Before You Share that Personal Story – 5 Questions to Ask

  By Lori Hatcher     Stories can make an abstract concept understandable. They help us connect with our audience, establish our credibility, and strengthen our message. Jesus, the master teacher, used stories to invoke sympathy, empathy, and understanding. But what about personal stories? The experiences—good, bad, and ugly—that helped make us who we are? Or someone else’s story that provides the perfect illustration for the point we want to make? Can we tell these stories? Should we tell these stories? Before you take pen (or computer) in hand and bare all, please consider these five questions: Five Questions to Ask Before You Share that Personal Story 1.       Do I have permission to share? Traditional publishers require authors to get permission from everyone they’ve written about unless they’ve altered the names and details enough to completely obscure the person’s identity. My rule of thumb is not to write anything about anyone that I wouldn’t feel comfortable readi

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