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7 Leadership Traits for Every Writer

By DiAnn Mills     Every writer longs to see his/her work published, but not every writer is a leader. The position takes a unique skill set. What are the 7 traits every Christian writer needs for leadership?   1.          Make positive choices.         Choose joy . This is not about expecting every day to be filled with happiness. Choosing joy is a state of mind, a test for strength when life tosses us unexpected challenges. It’s not viewing the glass of life as half empty but half full.   Choose awareness. Too many times it ’ s easier to bury our head under the pillow than make a conscious decision to find out what ’ s going on around us. A wise person is informed about personal events, community, country, and the world. Choose to grow. Those who stagnate, cease to live. Age has nothing to do with purpose. The older we become, the more experiences and knowledge we can pass on to others. As Christians we never quit until the moment God calls us home. Choose good health . Y

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