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See Your Writing from God’s Perspective

  By Cathy Baker   One quiet January morning, with coffee in hand, I sat on the couch and began talking with God about my writing. I told Him I desperately wanted my words to matter for His kingdom, but how it felt like my creative wheels were spinning in mid-air, refusing to gain traction. Several minutes went by in silence before hearing these words: You’re treating your calling like a hobby.   God obviously knew the exact wording that was needed to startle me out of my rut. Prior to writing as my main ministry, I taught women’s Bible studies and treated it like my calling. I leaned into God’s wisdom and discernment, worked hard, and made personal sacrifices to bring a solid weekly lesson. That same determination was not reflected in my writing.   God’s words fastened to my spirit and propelled me to action. I immediately got up, plunked my laptop onto the farm table, and poured a second cup of coffee. Clarity parted the confusion and now, a project I’d toyed with for th

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