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Investments in Your Writing Career are Valuable

  By Cindy K. Sproles   Writers live on pennies. If we’re lucky, dimes. So when conferences roll around, it’s our eyes that roll at the pennies we spend. No one will argue that attending a conference is expensive. It is also the one place you will latch on, not only to your dream but also to the necessary learning needed to excel as a writer. The more you dive into the writing industry, the more you see dollar signs raise, and at times it’s hard to know when or where we should spend our money. The expenses of being a writer are like a scene in the Mary Poppins movie. The one where the older woman sits on a bench feeding the birds. She sings, “Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag.” (Two pennies). If only tuppence were what we were looking at, right? It’s important to address some of these expenses and help you decide if this is something you need now or later. As a conference director, I get the importance of this question. Since we are launching into a new year, let’s look at the ex

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