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Eleven Ways to Work Smart in Your Writing Career

    By DiAnn Mills   Every writer wants to be viewed as professional, intelligent, and bestselling. These are worthy goals attained by excellent writerly habits. But when writers consistently engage toxic lifestyle habits, their career and credibility can take a nosedive.   Writers receive blog posts daily that offer advice to build their careers. The publishing world has many sides, and each facet demands attention.   We read—   How to be successful. How to sell more books. How to strengthen characterization. How to research and interview. How to increase exposure through social media. How to write a synopsis. How to prepare a proposal.   And the list goes on. We are thrilled to have valuable information at our fingertips, and we dedicate time to read and study the content. But sometimes we can let things slip.   Have we taken a recent assessment and considered the eleven ways to destroy a writing career?   1.   Failure to invest time and effo

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