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When Should We Write in First Person?

By Linda Yezak Writing in first person is tricky, but done well, it’s both fun and entertaining. How to write in first person is an entirely different post. Finding the publisher that released The Cat Lady’s Secret , with its first-person, present-tense scenes could also fill a post. But for this post, I’d like to show some reasons why an author would write in first person to begin with. I’ve read a few books in first person where there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the POV choice other than, perhaps, the author thought it would be fun. But having a reason can enhance the story. Use a First-Person Narrator to Present the Story From the “Horse’s Mouth” Try as you might, you’ll never get as deep in third person as you can in first because you can’t get past the idea the author is telling the story. But when you use first person, you are creating the illusion it’s the character telling the story. “She raced to the car” is an author’s description of the action. “I raced to the

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