A Writer’s Roller Coaster Ride


By Andrea Merrell

I’ve recently returned from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (BRMCWC) where six hundred writerly type folks enjoyed classroom teaching, anointed praise and worship, inspiring keynotes, chats and lattes in the coffee shop, walks around the beautiful campus, rocking chair time, appointments with industry professionals, and a wonderful visit with old friends and new. It’s a place where you become part of a community, not just of believers but like-minded people who get you.

Sounds like nirvana, right? A little slice of heaven. Mostly, yes. But something we heard throughout the five-day conference was to expect a roller coaster ride—meaning we would experience both extreme highs and lows.

I know this to be true from my very first conference in 2008. My excitement bubble got popped when I had two negative fifteen-minute appointments back-to-back with people who were supposed to be there to encourage me. One practically ignored me as I sat in front of him while he greeted everyone who walked by and waved at others across the room. He said very little to me. I felt invisible and as if I had interfered with his social time. I left there discouraged.

The very next appointment was no better. This person used our fifteen minutes to rip apart my first paragraph without giving me anything constructive to walk away with. I was ready to pack up my computer, go home, and forget about writing completely.

Thankfully, my last appointment ended on a high note. This person actually saw me, connected with me as a writer, and gave me encouragement along with some wise and practical advice. She talked me off the ledge.

I’ve seen this happen to numerous people over the years. What God intends for our good, the Enemy endeavors to steal from us—any way he can. He will tell us we’re not good enough. We’re not smart enough. We’re not talented like so and so. We have no business wasting our time and money in the first place. But the Enemy is both a thief and a liar. It’s up to us to shut out his negative innuendos. The good news is God can take anything the Enemy means for evil against us, turn it around, and work it for our good and His glory.

I’m so thankful that someone took the time to talk me off the ledge. Over the years, I’ve found myself talking others off the ledge. It happened again this year.

Writer, if this has ever happened to you, be encouraged. When you feel unseen—especially in a crowd of gifted writers—know that God sees you. Not only does He see you, He created you, chose you, gifted you, then called you to a purpose. There is no one like you, and there is no one who can tell your story the way you can. What God has done in your life and deposited into your heart, no one can take away.

Galatians 6:9 says, So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up (NLT).  

In light of God’s Word, don’t give up. Don’t quit. Don’t even think about it. Stay on that roller coaster. It will eventually take you back to the top. Keep learning, growing, and honing your craft. Write the words He gives you. You never know who your words will bless, inspire, or encourage. And if you don’t write them, who will?

Remember, there is room in God’s plan for all of us, and His timing is perfect.

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Writer, expect the highs and lows that come with your calling. Just don’t quit when the going gets tough. via @AndreaMerrell (Click to tweet.)




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