The Writer's Blank Page

 By Andrea Merrell

For a writer, there’s nothing more daunting than staring at a blank page—especially when a deadline is looming. Some call it writer’s block. Others refer to it as a lack of inspiration.

“I’ve been asked to submit a story for an anthology,” one lady said to me. “But I have no clue what to write about.”

“My ideas have run out,” another lady added. “It’s all been said before.”

“Yep, the well is dry,” a man chimed in.

As writers, we’re always looking for inspiration. Creative ideas. Anecdotes. Good hooks. Stories that will encourage and inspire our readers. But when we write for the Lord, we have a distinct advantage. In Jesus Calling, Sarah Young writes:

I have prepared this day for you with the most tender concern and attention to detail. Instead of approaching the day as a blank page that you need to fill up, try living it in response mode, being on the lookout for all that I am doing. ~Jesus

This requires a deep level of trust whether we’re going about our day or preparing for that next devotion, article, novel, or Bible study.

God is the master of creativity, and He imparts that gift to us when we look to Him. He gives godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding when we ask. And He is always ready to light our path and guide our steps.

Inspiration is all around us: 

  • Nature 
  • People 
  • Children at play
  • Hard times and even tragedies
  • Sickness 
  • Unexpected blessings

It might come from our home, our workplace, the grocery store, a hike in the mountains, or a day at the beach. 

It might come when we’re watching a sunset, having our quiet time, or watching a silly sitcom on TV.

Approach your writing as you approach your day—in “response mode” to the giver of life and the maker of all things. Be on the lookout for all He is doing … in, through, and around you. Let Him be your inspiration. He will never let you down.

Where do you find your inspiration? We would love to hear your ideas.


(Photos courtesy of, dfrsce, and SatakornS.)


Approach your writing in response mode to the giver of life and the maker of all things. Let Him be your inspiration. via @AndreaMerrell (Click to tweet.)



  1. Inspiration is found in every moment. From the sounds of children laughing to the gentle breeze in the palm trees, God provides opportunities to be inspired. :-)


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