Monday, January 13, 2020

So, You Want to Write a Book?

By Sandra Allen Lovelace

“You’re an author? Wow. I dream about writing a book someday.”

These very words fuel countless conversations. A friend introduces me to her shopping buddy at the mall. The person sitting beside me as we wait for a delayed flight starts to chat. A greeter in a new setting asks me what I do. These situations don’t surprise me because it’s estimated that 80 percent of American adults say they need or want to write a book.

In honor of these discussions with would-be authors, I created my So, You Want to Write a Book? workshop built around the strategy that moved my current work in progress from concept to contract in less than a year. My audiences are enthusiastic and complimentary, and I share the following highlights as encouragement for those yet to get started or anyone stuck along the way.

Your project is more than fiction/nonfiction. Be clear about the category as it relates to every detail of content and style, and keep your audience in mind.

Your personality is as unique in print as at your core. Once you know and appreciate who you are, make sure you’re prepared to share that with your readers.

Basic issues, such as grammar and punctuation, are essential, as are industry standards and publisher guidelines. Heed and apply these specifics from the beginning.

Human connections are as vital as an understanding of the publishing world. Attend conferences to meet people and learn the ropes as much as to grow your craft.

Your writing sweet spot may take time to discover. Find your productive routine from the perspective of your intellectual, emotional, and physical needs.

When we choose to step back and consider the various aspects of our writing life, whether in hope or fact, we not only rest and rejuvenate what may be tired muscles. We open doors to a stronger foundation, wider horizons, and fresh creativity. Intentionality reaps marvelous rewards.

What strategies have worked best for you. We would love to hear your comments.

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Sandra Allen Lovelace served the LORD as a pastor’s wife and missionary for 35 years. She’s written educational and motivational materials for adults, curriculum for children, and in-print and online magazine articles. She’s the author of two published books, and her award-winning blog is more than 10 years old. Sandra holds degrees in education and communication arts, is a 2015 graduate of Christian Communicators, a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and an award-winning Competent Communicator with Toastmasters International. She’s the director of a multi-cultural speaking, writing, and coaching ministry founded in 1991.

Sandra arrived in South Carolina two and a half years ago. She’s the mother of two married daughters and four busy grandchildren so far. Not surprisingly, travel is one of her favorite activities, best done internationally with a camera in her hand. Visit Sandra at

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  1. I love this, Sandra. Practical, true, and succinct. Thoughts to ponder today.