Be Kind to Writers and Editors


By Andrea Merrell

I love September. It’s my birthday month, the ninth month, and the transition between summer and fall. It’s special to me for so many reasons, but now I can add a new one: it’s Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month.

Both writers and editors have a sometimes difficult and time-consuming job. Writers search for quality time to spend on their craft. They research and spend hours at the computer. They write. Proof. Edit. Rewrite. Rinse and repeat. Whether blogging, writing articles, or working with a publisher on their first book, the joy of their heart is to share with the world the words the Lord has given them to instruct, encourage, and entertain.

Editors love what they do because they enjoy helping writers polish their prose. They spend hours at the computer as well, verifying facts and Scriptures. Checking the rules in CMOS (the Chicago Manual of Style) and the CWMS (the Christian Writers Manual of Style). They depend on Merriam Webster’s for spelling, hyphenation, and the meaning of words. And most of the editors I know are also writers, so they have double-duty.

Many times, writing and editing are solitary endeavors. Regardless of our title, we spend much time alone as we attend to our tasks. This is one reason we are so giddy and excited when we meet up with those who get us at writers’ conferences.

Do you have writers or editors in your life (and heart) you would like to acknowledge? Let’s take this month to appreciate them in whatever way we can. Send them a text or email. Better yet, send them a real, honest-to-goodness card in the mail. (Nobody gets many of those anymore that don’t have a balance due and due date on them.) If they're published, buy one of their books. Then post a review on Amazon. Invite them to do a guest blog post. Share their books, services, and successes on social media.

If you have suggestions about how we can honor those writers and editors we love, please share in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

Blessings on your journey.


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