Friday, December 8, 2017

12 Months of Writing Plans & Prompts

by Alycia W. Morales     @AlyciaMorales

As the year draws to an end, we celebrate all that is good and wonderful in life. We give thanks. We look back and realize how far we've come in the past year. We honor those who've served. We give gifts. We spend quality time with our family. And we look forward to what's to come.

12 Prompts to Ease Your Writing Schedule in the New Year via @AlyciaMorales {Click to Tweet}

What do we have to look forward to in our writing career? Here are twelve ways to plan for success in the New Year:

On the first month writing, my muse brought to me a venti cup of Starbucks coffee!
Use the five senses to write about Starbucks - or any other coffee - or any other drink you may drink while writing.

On the second month of writing, my muse brought to me two writing conferences!
Write down two conferences you'd like to attend next year. It's good for writers to attend at least two conferences a year. Networking is a big key in our business.

On the third month of writing, my muse brought to me three critique partners!
Write a thank you note to each of your critique partners, explaining what their feedback and fellowship has meant to you over the past year.

On the fourth month of writing, my muse brought to me four book contracts!
We all dream of these, don't we? What do you have to celebrate this year? Write about that. Maybe it can become an article or blog post in 2018.

On the fifth month of writing, my muse brought to me five more book ideas!
Write down five book ideas you have sitting in the back of your brain. Better yet, write them in a journal specifically for fleshing out your book ideas. Keep it close to you so when inspiration hits, you've got a place to put it.

On the sixth month of writing, my muse brought to me six platform building opportunities!
Consider your brand and then your network. Choose six people within your network who you'd like to connect with on another level. Write down six ways you can do that (i.e. comment on their blog or social media posts, invite them to guest blog, let them know how their writing or product has blessed you, etc.). Action.

On the seventh month of writing, my muse brought to me seven days of vacation!
Most creatives know and understand they cannot create forever without taking time off to recharge those creative juices. We may love our careers, but just like any other occupation, we must make it a point to take a vacation. Write down and research seven places you'd love to visit or take your family.

On the eight month of writing, my muse brought to me eight freelance gigs!
Want a way to make income while you're working on those books? Freelance! Write down seven topics you could be considered an expert at. Remember, an expert is someone who is a couple of steps ahead of someone else in an area. We're all experts at something!

On the ninth month of writing, my muse brought to me nine books to read!
Writers need to read. Write down nine books you'd like to read next year: 3 fiction, 3 nonfiction on topics outside of writing, and 3 writing books. Don't forget to leave a book review for the author when you're finished.

On the tenth month of writing, my muse brought to me ten ballpoint pens!
Write out your first page for the day on paper using a pen instead of typing it into your computer.

On the eleventh month of writing, my muse brought to me eleven blog posts!
Write down eleven blog post ideas using the following prompts:
1 guest you'd like to have post on your blog - invite him or her to do so
1 book you've read that changed your life and the concept that spoke to you and made you want to change
1 movie that taught you something about writing and what that something was
1 writing tip that changed your career
1 thing you're an expert at and the steps you took to become one
1 thing you wish you knew and ten blogs you know teach that (you'll write a post that basically provides one link to one article at each blog that you can learn from)
1 non-writing thing you love to do and why it helps you relax
1 list of ten of your favorite things (getting to know you post)
1 unique, creative way you use social media
1 recipe you use to save time when you're on deadline
1 list of ways you reward your family for their patience with your tight schedule

On the twelfth month of writing, my muse brought to me twelve social media ideas!
Most of us dread social media. Make it easy for yourself in the New Year. Outline 12 months in a notebook or planner, and lay out the following: 5 types of posts you'd like to make on a regular basis (i.e. quotes, sharing a particular blog's posts, daily questions for your followers, etc.); a theme for each month (this will focus your posts); a posting schedule (30 minutes each morning blocked off for you to post to social media).

Congratulations! You now have a foundational plan for your writing in 2018! We'd love to know one thing you've come up with as a result of our list! Feel free to share in the comments below. And here's to writing successes in the New Year!

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