Monday, June 15, 2015

Do You Have an Entitlement Attitude?

by, Alycia W. Morales

If you've ever attended or taught at writers conferences, you've met them. The writers who think they deserve special attention because ... well, fill in the blank. The reasons are endless.

"You should publish my book because ..."

"You need to represent me because ..."

"God told me you ..."

"I spent x amount of dollars, so you should ..."

"You need to read my manuscript because ..."

"I paid for this, so you have to let me ..."

What it all comes down to is an attitude/mindset of entitlement. These types of writers feel they are entitled to x, y, or z because they're better than/more deserving than/more qualified than the person in the chair next to them. And they show out when they don't get what they feel they deserve.


As a Christian writer, the only thing we're really entitled to is to glorify God in all that we do.

When we get away from His will for us, we try to force our own desires into play. That will never turn out well.

But if we stop trying to make things happen, and we start applying what we learn at writers conferences, we may start to see God open the doors we've dreamed of having opened.  

When our words and actions glorify God, He is able to move us into a place where He can use the gifts and talents He has given us to spread His message via publication.

So if you're still waiting for someone to offer you a contract or representation, ask yourself if you've displayed any symptoms of entitlement attitude. If so, ask God to forgive you and to bless you with patience, endurance, and the attitude of a hard worker. These are the qualities an editor or agent will be looking for in those they wish to work with.

Study hard. Review the materials you brought home from a conference. Read those books on the writing craft. And write your heart out. As you improve, so will your opportunities.

Q4U: Do you know any writers who display an entitlement attitude? What advice would you give them?

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  1. I'll be entitled to thank Him and my editor when my first tigle gets published, n'est ce pas?


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