Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Seven Things to Do While Waiting for your Book to Release

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 By Andrea Merrell

In my last post, we talked about many of the reasons it takes so long (usually a year) from contract to publication for your book.

Now that you understand the steps that go into getting your book ready to launch, let’s look at seven things you can do in the meantime.

While you’re waiting:

1. Work on your platform
Make sure you have a viable presence on social media, and do some networking.

2. Work on your blog/website
Make sure your blog/website is up to date and others can easily contact you. Include all links to your social media.

3. Create a marketing plan
This can be as simple or elaborate as you can afford. You can do it on your own or hire someone to help.

4. Create social media posts
Compose Tweets, Facebook posts, and blogs you can use to promote your book. And don't forget Pinterest.

5. Create a tribe
Choose your team/influencers and plan your launch party.

6. Plan a blog tour 
Ask other writers if you can be a guest blogger on their site.

7. Pray 
Give your project to God and ask Him to guide you in your next steps. Pull together a team of people who will pray for you and for your book.

The bottom line is this: 
Don't wait. Start now. If you wait until your book is out, you're way behind schedule.

What have you encountered
while waiting for your book
to release. We would love to
hear from you.

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  1. trying to stay on top of most of these - hadn't thought of a blog tour... but I am now! Can I start with you guys??? Release is in July! ;-)


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